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A blue painted bedroom furnished with a canopy bed between two nightstands topped with lamps and flowers.

Canopy Bed Design Ideas for a Bedroom

Dec 10, 2019

Ready to update your bedroom, but not sure where to get started? Why don’t you consider swapping that boring old bed for a canopy style? Offering lush comfort, indulgent fabrics, and plenty of privacy, canopy beds are making a comeback, resurfacing as a style essential for 2020 and beyond. Keep reading to get inspired by our trendy canopy bed ideas (including ideas for small spaces)! Follow these tips, and you’ll never want to get out of bed again.

Canopy Bed Design Ideas for a Bedroom

Are Canopy Beds in Style?

Canopy beds have enjoyed popularity in the United States since at least the 1800s. However, their history stretches all the way back to Europe’s medieval castles and with one look, it’s easy to understand why!

Imposing and elegant, canopy beds were once signifiers of wealth and power among the noble. Today’s versions are less ornate (not to mention more affordable), but just as stunning as ever before. And with experts forecasting yet another canopy bed revival for 2020, this is one timeless trend that will never go out of style.

Sheek white bedroom furnished with a canopy bed draped in mosquito netting and a vase with pink flowers.

Will a Canopy Bed Make My Room Look Smaller?

If you’re like most homeowners and renters, the last thing you want to do is “shrink” your space with a misguided makeover. It’s an understandable concern, but you can set your mind at ease. Canopy beds are ideal for bedrooms of all sizes because their tall, open frames simultaneously add verticality while creating an illusion of depth. To make the most of the space in small bedrooms, design experts recommend choosing narrow frames.

Design Idea #1: Let Your Style Flow

Flowing, billowy sheets and curtains pair beautifully with the stark, crisp lines of a plain wood or metal canopy frame. Got the winter blues? Gauzy, cream-colored linens or cottons are perfect for capturing that easy, breezy beach house feeling all year ‘round, no matter what sort of climate you live in. Accessorize with cute, cool-to-the-touch LED lights, which are light and flexible enough to be incorporated effortlessly.

A bedroom with a large four-post canopy bed draped in mosquito netting and an ottoman at the foot of the bed.

Design Idea #2: Go for the Bold

Bold, flashy, flamboyant prints can really showcase your sense of fun. Canopy beds are the perfect canvas because they create plenty of surface area (and unique angles) for bright and eye-catching patterns. When you’re ready to change up your look, it’s as simple as getting new sheets! Try pairing splashy patterns with solid colors, such as a few monochrome pillows, for visual balance.

A white bedroom with a half canopy bed decorated with floral print sheets and pillows, and surrounded by large house plants.

Design Idea #3: Take Half

Almost onboard with a canopy bed, but want a slightly less dramatic look for your bedroom? We hear you. For a toned-down (and space-saving) alternative, the half-canopy style might be just right. As its name suggests, the half-canopy is a smaller version of a standard canopy. From floor to ceiling, the height is the same; but instead of extending to all four bedposts, the frame projects only a few feet over the mattress.

Bedroom furnished with a large four post canopy bed and two dark-stained wood nightstands on with lamps and patterned carpet.

Get Bedroom Decor and Style Ideas with My Design Finder

With its flowing, dreamy lines and plush fabrics, a canopy bed is a perfect place to start your bedroom design makeover. Complete the look with beautiful flooring to truly transform your bedroom into your own private getaway. From cozy carpet to luxurious hardwood, we carry thousands of trusted, brand-name products in a wide assortment of colors, patterns, and styles to help make your bedroom a retreat. 

For more tips on turning your bedroom into a stunning escape, explore our design blog, check out the custom style galleries at My Design Finder, or get in touch with our team about how we can help. Contact us online to start chatting, or visit one of our 500+ convenient locations in person!

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Bedroom with bed and decor designed to give the room a rustic cabin feel.

Rustic Cabin Interior Design Ideas & Inspiration

Dec 03, 2019

There’s nothing quite as cozy as a log cabin on a snowy winter’s night. With a toasty fire blazing, a steamy mug of cocoa, and plenty of classic books to curl up with, a rustic log cabin is the ideal vacation getaway for many people. But you don’t have to wait for your next vacation to escape to your rustic dream house. Make your fantasy home a reality with these five style tips for decorating modern rustic cabin interiors.

Rustic Cabin Interior Design Ideas & Inspiration

Use Hardwood Flooring for Rustic Cabin Decor

It’s impossible to picture a rustic log cabin without picturing wood. After all, the word “log” is right in the name!

With its natural look and understated elegance, wood flooring is a natural choice for cozy log cabin interiors of all kinds. Popular hardwood flooring options include oak, cherry, walnut, and maple. Choose from high-gloss varieties for a sleek, modern look, or go with distressed wood for a more rustic and natural appeal.

Living room inside a rustic cabin with a wicker couch and area rug on the wood floor

Get the Cozy Cabin-Feel with Area Rugs

Area rugs are the perfect complement to wooden floors. Not only does pairing wood with carpet create a pleasant textural contrast, it also prevents the room from looking too repetitive. With their soft, inviting appearance, area rugs are ideal in casual seating areas, like the space around your fireplace or coffee table.

Family room with cozy fireplace, plush leather furniture, large area rug, and lamps providing soft lighting.

Use Soft Lighting for Rich Tones

Log cabin style interior design is all about comfort and coziness. That means you’ll need soft, relaxing lighting to set the right mood. Look for wall sconces and floor lamps that cast a rich, buttery tone, like orange or yellow, while avoiding cool white or blue lighting.

Family room with lit stone fireplace, hardwood floors, and overstuffed leather furniture that provides a woodsy theme.

Get Inspired by Nature

Part of the appeal behind log cabin homes is that they help us feel closer to nature. Keep the theme going with woodsy, down-to-earth decor, such as dried flowers, faux fur pelts, or animal-patterned upholstery on your furniture.

Kitchen with natural wood look floors, cabinetry, island and stainless steel appliances that create a rustic cabin theme.

Get Modern Log Cabin Decor Ideas from My Design Finder

You don’t need to live in the remote wilderness to experience the cozy charm of a log cabin. Whether the view from your window is full of snow-capped mountain peaks, suburban streets, or sleek skyscrapers, rustic style is within your reach. See stunning examples of the possibilities on My Design Finder, our free online tool for personalized design ideas. Browse gorgeous rustic cabin interior pictures for inspiration — then ask our friendly team of experts how we can help you bring your idea to life. 

From richly-patterned carpets to softwood and hardwood flooring, we carry the perfect home flooring products to make any space feel cozier, comfier, and more rustic. We’ll even handle the installation, making the process smooth and stress-free. 

Ready to start making over your space and designing the cabin you’ve always dreamed of? Then give us a call at (866) 695-6411, or contact Flooring America online to get started. 

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Open kitchen and living room with bar seating, decorative lighting, and luxury vinyl plank flooring with a large bay window that looks out to a backyard pool.

Interior Design Challenges & Solutions

Nov 25, 2019

Designing a room successfully can be difficult, especially if you don’t have prior interior design experience. From budget and size constraints to outdated styles or less-than-stylish accessories, the problems interior designers face can feel insurmountable. But don’t worry: armed with a little bit of knowledge, it’s easy to avoid common interior design mistakes and meet the challenges posed by your space head-on. Keep reading to learn about four common interior design problems and solutions for making your home beautiful.

Interior Design Challenges and Solutions

What Are the Factors Affecting Interior Design?

“Good” interior design is subjective, but well-designed rooms all share one trait in common: they all succeed in effectively balancing and incorporating the various factors that affect interior design, such as light, color, texture, and form. Each of these elements gives you opportunities to solve pesky design problems, which is why it’s important to learn how to use them. For a full breakdown, check out our article explaining the seven elements of interior design. Whether you’re tackling a single room redesign or top-to-bottom home makeover, try to keep all seven elements in the front of your mind.

You should also be mindful of practical factors, such as your budget, the size of your space, and even the climate you live in, depending on what part of the house you’re redoing. Setting clear, detailed, and realistic goals is the best way to choose materials, accomplish tasks, and ultimately, bring your vision to life.

Challenge (and Solution) #1: Cramped Spaces 

The challenge: Maybe you live in a major city where space is at a premium. Or maybe your home has lots of square footage, but feels crowded by your decor or furniture. Either way, the bottom line is that you don’t have quite as much space as you’d like.

The solution: Unfortunately, there’s no magic wand you can wave to make your home larger (unless you’re ready to commit to some serious remodeling). However, you can trick your mind into perceiving more space by applying some basic design principles. For example, designers often recommend using mirrors to visually amplify small spaces. Light colors and airy curtains can also help to create the illusion of extra room.

Living room decorated with plush dark brown leather chairs, a coffee table with books and tall candles, a sofa, antique suitcases, and a built-in bookshelf on dark brown engineered floors.

Challenge (and Solution) #2: Tight Budgets

The challenge: You’d love to redesign your bedroom, bathroom, basement, or kitchen; but you’re just not sure it’s in the budget this year. How can you get a look you love, while making sure you also get great value?

The solution: There are plenty of ways to save money while redecorating, such as repurposing old furniture, making simple but efficient fixes (like repainting), and using paints or textures to mimic luxury materials like hardwood and marble. With hundreds of budget-friendly products out there, contact our expert flooring team and find stylish looks for less.

Baby’s room with grey carpet and decorated with a modern crib, an ottoman with a pink baby blanket draped over it, a pink baby rocking horse, and purple throw pillows on a window seating area.

Challenge (and Solution) #3: Outdated Features

The challenge: Your home or apartment has great potential, but some of its features look like they’re still trapped in the 1970s (and not in a fashionable way). How can you work around out-of-date fixtures to give your home a more personalized and contemporary feel?

The solution: It might be possible to remove the feature entirely; but if not, you’ll have to either give it a modern makeover, or find ways to incorporate it more seamlessly into the room’s design scheme. For tips on changing the look of your home, see our articles on tropical design ideas, beach house style ideas, or how to use texture.

 An older kitchen with a modern makeover to provide a retro look with modern stainless steel appliances on checkerboard themed luxury vinyl tile floors.

Challenge (and Solution) #4: Clunky Accessories

The challenge: Your decor and accessories don’t seem to pair with the space around them. You like them individually, but together, they just feel cluttered and disjointed. How do you streamline to show off the space?

The solution: Accessories can bring life to a room; but they can also hog space, block out light, and get in the way of foot traffic. If accessories are taking over your house, start by decluttering; then, try swapping out major, noticeable items such as lamps and carpeting for new upgrades.

Modern kitchen with a large blue island and granite countertops, dark brown floor to ceiling cabinets, and stainless steel appliances on cherry stained wood floors.

Use My Design Finder to Get Style and Decor Ideas

No matter what sort of design challenges you’re facing, our team is here to help you find the perfect solution. From basements and bedrooms to kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, and beyond, Flooring America offers thousands of gorgeous, durable products for any budget range. To get inspired with design ideas and see different types of flooring in action, check out My Design Finder, or visit one of our showrooms. Contact us online to get started, or stop by one of our convenient retail locations across the United States.

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Large open bedroom decorated with a bed on a tan frame, a purple ottoman, lamps on nightstands, a white chair, and a candle light-themed chandelier on earth-toned patterned carpet.

How to Make a Bedroom Environment Sleep-Friendly

Nov 18, 2019

Countless experts have warned us about the health risks of sleep deprivation, yet many people struggle to get a good night’s sleep every evening. If you’re one of them, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that lack of sleep can slow reflexes, dull concentration, and increase the risk of various health problems. The good news is that there are plenty of simple ways to create a more sleep-friendly bedroom (or, for that matter, any space where you like to snooze). Keep reading for five easy tips on how to make your bedroom better for sleeping — then settle in with your coziest pajamas for a restful, refreshing night of shut-eye.

How to Make a Bedroom Environment Sleep-Friendly

Design Tip #1: Your Mattress Matters

A quality night of sleep literally starts and ends with your mattress. It’s important to make sure you choose the right fit! Regardless of whether you prefer a firm mattress, a soft mattress, or something in between, most experts recommend replacing your mattress approximately once every eight to 10 years. However, certain types of mattresses may require less frequent replacement. For instance, memory foam typically has a lifespan of up to 15 years with proper maintenance. If you notice your bed sagging in the center, tilting to one side, poking you, or otherwise causing discomfort, it’s time for a new mattress!

Design Tip #2: Lower the Lights

Light is one of the most important factors to consider when you’re trying to set the right bedroom environment for good sleep. Some people prefer a dim room, while others need pitch blackness; but no one can sleep properly if their sleep cycles are interrupted by artificial light. Try to avoid bright light sources at night, this includes your phone screen, and choose curtains or blinds that allow sunlight to enter in the morning. Sunlight is your body’s natural cue that it’s time to wake up and start the day. 

Bedroom decorated with a bed on a wood frame, lamps on large nightstands, a ceiling mounted pendant lights, and recessed lighting on dark brown luxury vinyl plank flooring.

Design Tip #3: Use Calming Colors

It’s no secret that different colors evoke different emotions. For example, most people think of red as a passionate, bold, intense color; not exactly conducive to sleep. Whether you’re painting or using wallpaper, be mindful of the colors you choose for your bedroom. Cool colors and pastels, such as baby pink, mint green, or turquoise, help set a relaxing, soothing tone; plus, they’re easy to color-coordinate with furniture and other design elements.

Modern themed bedroom decorated with a bed and white comforter, a modern wood ottoman, a lamp with a pendant lampshade on a nightstand, and a small potted plant on earth-toned carpet.

Design Tip #4: Keep it Clean

Hidden “dust bunnies” are packed with allergens that, for some people, trigger symptoms like sniffling and congestion. Needless to say, it’s hard to sleep properly when you feel like you’ve got a cold! Give your bedroom a thorough vacuuming in all those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, including the closet and under the bed, at least once per week to help keep your space allergen-free. Other trouble spots where dust bunnies like to congregate include along walls, in corners, and underneath radiators.

Large open bedroom decorated with a bed on a modern frame, a ceiling mounted pendant chandelier, a large dark stained wood dresser, two sitting chairs, and two ottomans on light colored engineered wood floors.

Design Tip #5: Adjust the Air

Since we can’t see it or feel it, we often forget the air around us and it’s one of the most important factors for getting a good night of sleep. Adjusting its temperature, or even the way it smells can make a world of difference.

For optimal sleep, remember the two A’s: air conditioning and aromatherapy! Experts recommend a temperature of around 68 degrees Fahrenheit for ideal sleep conditions, which can be enhanced even further with soothing aromatherapy scents like lilac, vanilla, and lavender. (Just be wary of invigorating scents that will perk you up instead of putting you to sleep, like citrus or peppermint.)

Get Bedroom Decor and Style Ideas with My Design Finder

Want more ideas on how to make your bedroom a retreat? Explore My Design Finder, which lets you compare thousands of gorgeous visual examples, including bedrooms of all types of styles. Then contact the expert team at Flooring America, or simply visit one of our convenient retail locations, to learn how we can bring it to life! From hardwood and tile to carpet and stone, we carry thousands of premium products for every room in the home.


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Bedroom with a  bed covered in a black and white bedspread and a white faux fur chair in the corner of the room.

Black and White Design Ideas and Inspiration

Nov 04, 2019

Black and white is a classic and versatile color combo that can be incorporated into any home. No matter what your sense of style, there’s a black and white design scheme perfect for you. Keep reading to get some of our favorite tips and ideas for black and white home decor. Then, ask the experts at Flooring America how we can help bring your style vision to life.

Black and White Interior Design Ideas and Inspiration      

Use Bold Black & White Patterns

Some color combinations are soft and mellow, but black and white isn’t one of them. Thanks to the high visual contrast, black and white is an inherently dramatic pairing. That makes black and white the perfect colors for using in bold patterns, whether it’s striped walls, graphic wallpaper, or decorative black and white plates on the wall. Minimalist or abstract black and white art is another way to heighten the visual drama with stark, eye-pleasing contrast.

Sitting room with plush black high back chairs, white and black table, on black and white checkered tile.

Incorporate High-End Tile

Glazed black tiles are a beautiful addition to your kitchen, whether on the walls or in your flooring design. Striking yet sophisticated, glossy black tile transforms your kitchen into a chic, high-end cafe. (Can you say “espresso bar,” anyone?)

A similar option is black-and-white tiled flooring in a checkerboard style. Though often associated with kitchens and bathrooms, checkerboard tile can also be used in foyers, hallways, and living rooms.

Tile floors are great for your kitchen, basement, or bathroom — but when it comes to decorating your bedroom, we’d probably recommend something a little plusher under your feet (especially if you live in a cooler climate).

Kitchen with black cabinets and appliances on black and checkered floors, creating a high-end cafe feel.

Try Black and White Carpeting

When we think about black home interiors, we usually picture something glossy and sleek, like a shiny tin ceiling (or those glazed tiles we were just talking about). But not everything has to be polished or mod.

Black and white can also be cozy, especially when incorporated into carpeting. From blocky geometric squares to curly fleur-de-lis designs, there are countless patterns and textures to choose from, bringing warmth and comfort into your space while building on your black and white motif.

Living room with white high back chairs and black end tables on black and white zebra print rug.

Get Black and White House Interior Design Ideas with My Design Finder

Need more inspiration for black and white house decor? My Design Finder can help. Fun, fast, and free to use, My Design Finder shows you personalized style and decor recommendations, putting a beautiful visual library with thousands of ideas conveniently at your fingertips.

With friendly service and quality products, we can help you recreate the looks on My Design Finder in any space. At Flooring America, we carry a huge assortment of budget, luxury, and eco-friendly flooring styles, including black and white carpets, tile, and luxury vinyl. We’ll even handle the installation for you, making setup (and cleanup) a breeze. Ready to get started? Contact us online, or call (866) 695-6411 today.

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Bedroom with a bed draped in tan and white bedspread covered in square throw pillows and surrounded by round vases.

How to Mix & Incorporate Patterns in a Room

Oct 28, 2019

If you love the look of patterns in interior design, then you’re in luck. Patterns are easy to mix and incorporate into every room of your house or apartment, bringing a dash of visual interest and excitement to any space. In this article, our design experts talk about some of our favorite ways to use and mix patterns at home. If you have questions you need answered about interior design patterns and textures, you’re in the right place!

How to Mix & Incorporate Patterns in a Room   

Make an Inspiration Board for Favorite Patterns

Before you dive headfirst into your home makeover, take a few days (or at least a few hours) to find sources of design inspiration. My Design Finder is a great starting point, with thousands of visual examples to browse. Pinterest and Instagram are also great style sources. Check out relevant hashtags, like #interiordesign, #homedecor, #pattern, or #patterndesign. Once you’ve compiled some favorites, you’ll probably start to notice themes, which you can then incorporate into your home redesign project.

Bedroom with white and blue curtains, bed, bedspread, and pillows on a white rug and floors.

Pick 3 of Your Favorite Patterns to Balance

Many design experts recommend starting with about three different patterns to mix and match in your home. Here’s how to make sure they’re balanced: 

  1. To start, choose a pattern that features a large print. Look for something at least the size of your palm (or bigger).
  2. For your second pattern, choose a print that’s smaller than the first. You can pick any size you like, but experts recommend selecting a print that’s roughly half as large as the original pattern.
  3. The third pattern can be any size you want, as long as it’s visually similar to one of your other two patterns. This will help to avoid too much clashing. 

Examples of trendy and popular types of pattern in interior design include fleur-de-lis, gingham, damask, houndstooth, herringbone, polka dots, stripes, and tropical prints.

Living room with white sofas covered in blue throw pillows, and a white coffee table on blue and white tiled carpet.

Pick Patterns with Similar Color Intensities

“Color intensity” is simply another way of saying “saturation” or how intense and vivid the color is. The less saturated a color is, the closer it appears to grey. The more saturated a color is, it will become brighter and more vivid. 

High-intensity colors can overpower and drown out low-intensity colors. For that reason, it’s a good idea to choose patterns with similar saturation levels like three pastels, three dark colors, or three bright colors. Even if you’re mixing patterns, as long as there is a similar intensity of color among those patterns, you can mix stripes, polka dots, and florals to a striking and eclectic effect! 

Once you’ve chosen some patterns you like, it’s time to start incorporating them into your space! There are countless opportunities to mix and match your favorite prints, including wallpaper, upholstery, carpeting, pillowcases, artwork, tapestries, and more.

 Living room with a yellow cloth couch, blue and gold throw pillows, grey chair on a large area rug and engineered floors.

Use My Design Finder to Get Ideas for Decorating with Patterns

The perfect pattern for your home is just waiting to be discovered. Get inspired with My Design Finder, which showcases thousands of gorgeous rooms and homes — all based on your custom style preferences. Whether you’re looking for something bold, subtle, kid-friendly, or sophisticated, you’ll find your style match on My Design Finder. 

Looking for a great carpet to tie it all together? At Flooring America, we carry thousands of area rugs and wall-to-wall carpets, including waterproof and stain-resistant options. Looking for eco-friendly carpeting? We’ve got you covered there, too. From helping you choose the right carpet to installing it in your home or apartment, Flooring America is your one-stop-shop for quality home flooring. Contact us online to get started, or call today at (866) 695-6411.

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